Thursday, August 1, 2013

Contest - Calling All Authors and Writers #2

Hello and welcome to the TL Bliss PReSS contest
Calling All Authors and Writers #2
This is a video contest and the steps required to enter will be given to you while you watch the video.
In order to win – you must enter by sending your responses to

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Calling all authors and writers …

There are three winners for the contest 07/26/2013...Congratulations!!

Janna Shay, AR Von, and Sonya Ray

Calling all authors and writers …


Are you not able to spend as much time as you would like promoting your book? 

We can help you! 

Enter to win free promotion with TL Bliss PReSS.  Here is how …

       Go to our website at and click on the “Meet the Team” tab at the top.  Read down through and find who does reviews.  What is this person’s first name?

       Go to our Twitter page (, add us, and send us a tweet.

       Share our Facebook page (!/pages/TL-Bliss-PReSS/433328050075360) on your wall … (remember to give us a like while you are there!).

       Visit our Pinterest page ( and pin something (anything you wish) to our Random board.

       Go to our website at and scroll down until you see FAQs and click on it.  Answer this question… Will TL Bliss PReSS promote my book if it is published by another company?

Send your answers to with “promo” in the subject line.

Winners will be determined on the number of entries received.




The winner (or winners) will receive a free one-month promotion of:

       A page added to our blog promoting their work

       A dedicated page added to the website promoting their work


       Pinned promotion to our Facebook page

       Promotional blast of their networking sites on our sites 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Exciting news

Watch for this exciting news in the coming days and be prepared to pay forward through giving to others….
TL Bliss PReSS is joining forces with some amazing folks who want to share a chance for you to pay forward to struggling youths, friends and family experiencing grief, ministries searching for ways to help their congregations, and counselors looking for alternative methods of inspiring others through prayer. 
More information will be coming so stay tuned...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A few months ago, I had mentioned in my blog and on other social media sites that I wanted to help other authors; pay forward what I have learned. I am doing that in an even bigger way than I could ever imagine.
With the help and guidance of a wonderful support team, I bring to you…

A small promotional resource for authors who self-publish.

(Promotional Resource and e-Service Support )  
This professional and experienced team is able to handle a variety of service and resource inquiries.  

We can help you take your writing career to the next level with cover art, editing, proofreading, reviews, trailers, and a vast array of other promotional resources.  

We will have advertising available for other companies who want to bring themselves to the forefront of new independent authors, as well as businesses who offer a service for new authors.

Thank you for your support!


Contact Information

If you are looking for assistance with Resources such as:

·Cover Art ·Editing ·Proofreading ·Reviews ·Trailers

Please email  


For marketing assistance, please email 

If you are submitting material to us, please send to 

For help with promotion and advertising, please email 

For all other inquiries about PReSS, please email  


For information about Submissions, please check here.

For information about Promotions, please check here.

For information about Our Authors, please check here.

For information about our Advertisers and Supporters, please check here.


Do you provide a service for authors? If you provide any of the following services and want to be added to our resource list for new authors, send your contact information to … :

Cover Art